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I am Kalki Avatar :: मैं कल्कि अवतार हूं
أنا كالكي الرمزية :: నేను కల్కి అవతార్‌ని
Final Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

     Kalki Avatar is incarnation of God Vishnu and final Maha Vishnu Avatar to end Kali Yuga. In this website you will see information on the Kalki Avatar profile, Kalki Avatar story, Kalki Avatar activities and Kalki Avatar actions. Swastik is not Rasist Symbol,Swastik means Sudarshan Chakra, when Swastik rotates it becomes Sudarshan Chakra also called Vishnu chakra, swastik has divine powers of god, Swastik is my weapon. is my website and Swastik also call SriChakra. Kalki Avatar is reincarnation of Hitler. Hitler used Swastik and I am Kalki Avatar I am also using Swastik for New World Order. Hitler lived the role of Prophet "King of Jews", To scare Jews to push Jews from Europe to Israel (Jerusalem is Homeland for Jews as mentioned in Holy Bible) to create Jews Home Land Israel. read more in this website. Swastik Organization is Unregistered NGO and it is International Organization. is official website of Swastik Organization. My website causes “End Of KaliYuga", "Final World War" and "End of World Wide Corruptions". This is my version of "Mein Kampf" from India. I have been executing Operation “Kalki” in the background since 31/May/2003 AD, 11:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, from today 08/March/2024 AD Operation “Kalki” executing openly. Please note: This website will be temporarily suspended for sometime, so download entire website file from "GDrive" and install in your computer. Please Share Website link to your friends and in groups and spread website link to world.

"Hinduism is the Father of all Religions in the world,
So Kalki Avatar Comes from Hinduism at End of World.
Kalki Avatar has different names in different religions."

    Hindu holy books and Kalki Purna book mention Kalki Avatar. and Hindus, Sikhs Buddhists believe Kalki Avatar will come at End of the World (Kali Yuga). The Holy Quran mentions and Muslims say that Isa Asalam comes at the End of the World. Holy Bible mentions and Christians believe Jesus comes for the second time in End Of The World . Don't you think all three personalities belong to one person to end the world, Use your brain this is simple logic? More predictions of the end of the world and the year 2022-2023 are written on this website.

Hindus Holy Book Kalki Purna mentioned Kalki Avatar (Indirectly Lord Venkateshwara).
Sikhs Holy Book Dasam Granth mentioned Kalki Avatar (Indirectly Guru Gobind Singh).
Buddhists Holy Book Tripitakas mentioned Kalki Avatar as Maitreya.
Christians Holy Book Bible mentioned Kalki Avatar as Second coming of Jesus.
Muslims Holy Book Quran mentioned Kalki Avatar as Isa Asalam.
Jews Holy Book Torah mentioned Kalki Avatar as return of King David.
Other Religions Holy Books Mentioned Kalki Avatar directly or indirectly.

    Nostradamus told in predictions “king of terror” will come from the eastern world. He controls the world and He rules the world. He is Kalki Avatar that is Lord Venkateshwara. Kalki (Lord Venkateshwara) will be from India and Kalki (Lord Venkateshwara) will be King of India by people support. So India will be Richest Country and World Super power. All corrupted people in the entire world get fearful after seeing Kalki's actions. World country leaders and the entire world people will follow Kalki. Worldwide people going to see world war 3 within a few months led by Kalki Avatar… For more information see in this website.

    Some pundits say that Kali Yuga life cycle has 432,000 years, what we are going through is 5000 year. so Kalki won’t come now. So for that My answer is Arya Batta has invented digit Zero. He took birth 2000 years ago. before Arya Batta invented Zero no one used Zero in the world. so what is the value of 432,000 years as you know it has zero in it, that means 432,000 years as different meaning.

Many Muslims Says prophet Muhammad was Kalki Avatar

    Muslims says Kalki is non-other then Prophet Muhammad who is last Prophet to the world. For Muslims I would says that did you read "Kalki Purna" completely and understand properly. If you think Kalki Avatar is non-other then Prophet Muhammad then answer following questions.

1) "Kalki Purna" clearly says Kalki Avatar is incarnation of Vishnu who is God not prophet. But Muhammad is a Prophet not God.
2) "Kalki Purna" clearly says Kalki Avatar will destroy the world and starts Satya Yuga. Did Prophet Muhammad destroy the world? Why world continued 1500 years after Prophet Muhammad death.
3) "Kalki Purna" clearly says Kalki Avatar will have two wives who are "Padma" and "Lakashmi". I want to ask Muslims that who are Padma and Lakashmi in among Prophet Muhammad’s wives.
4) "Kalki Purna" clearly says Kalki Avatar will have two sons (Joy and Vijoy) through wife Padma who are worriers fight in war field. I want to ask Muslims how many sons Prophet Muhammad has who fought in war field?

    Some Muslims says Kalki Avatar is non-other then Imam Mehadi Asalam. For them I ask them Read Hadith and Kalki Purna clearly. Kalki Avatar is "Isa Asalam" not Imam Mehadi Asalam. Hadith says Imam Mehadi Asalam fight against Dajjal but can’t win war but Kalki kills all evil people that include Dajjal. I ask all above four questions on Imam Mehadi Asalam.

    Do you know what happens after kali yuga ends, again satya yuga starts and after that then Treta Yuga after that then Dwapara Yuga and again Kali Yuga starts. whatever happened in this Kali Yuga will happen again in next Kali Yuga, again in next Kali Yuga you will take rebirth with the same face and you will be in the same activity what happened you did in this life. same wife same parents same things happen. do you know next coming Yugas again Lord Rama, Lord Krishna will be taken rebirth? you won’t believe but it happens same things. so Kala Chakra repeats again and again that is the miracle of God.

    Last incarnation of Vishnu is God Kalki Avatar (Lord Venkateshwara) watching people in the world and Kalki will appear to the world in 100 days. Kalki Avatar will terminate all evil people in the world. Kalki Avatar has another name that is Lord Venkateshwara. Lord Venkateshwara remove all religions in the world. In 10 years all Christians become Hindus. 100 days After Lord Venkateshwara appear Muslims, Christians and other religions also follow Sanatana dharma. Christians and Muslims also will go to Thirulama Lord Venkateshwara temple. Lord Venkateshwara becomes King of Bharath country.

    Think about future after end of world by simple Logic: I already mention that after Kali Yuga Satya Yuga comes. so what will be the future of world in Satya Yuga. In Vedas mentioned that In Satya Yuga human average height is 32 Feet’s, In Treta Yuga human average height is 22 feet’s, in Dwapara Yuga Human average height is 11 feet’s and Kali Yuga human average height is 5 feet’s. As I mentioned before that after Kali Yuga Satya Yuga comes so all human height will be average 32 feet’s so all building in the world won’t fit for human because human can’t enter into buildings so all building in the world will be destroyed. Not only building but also cars, trains, planes and all machines will be destroyed and all technology will be destroyed including money. In Satya Yuga those who work physically will get food to survive. End of world means everything will be destroyed. Why you are working too much hard for too much money.

    Lord Kalki Avatar is the world leader mentioned in all religious books so Lord Kalki Avatar controls all religions people in the entire world. Lord Kalki Avatar is from Hinduism and Hinduism is the father of all religions. Every religion in the world is connected to Hinduism. Almost all religions Holy books mention the End of the world. But it didn't mention what happens to the world and people after the End of the World. But in Hindu Holy Books mentioned after end of the world Satya Yuga comes. So at end of the world, all religions will be erased from the world and all people in the entire world will accept Hinduism and become Hindus. In the next world, everyone in the world is Hinduism and practices Hinduism. I kept all evidence on this website please continue to read. So get mentally prepared to accept Hinduism. Share this website to your friends and groups.

Old and First Updates

Latest Updates

     Kalki Avatar is a terrific figure and his diehard followers are terrorists from all religions in the entire world. There are more than 10 Crore Kalki's hidden army exists in the entire world. So India will get all wealth back from England which they have stolen from India with interest including Kohinoor Diamond. All defector's money will return back to India. All Indian corrupted people's money from all over the world will return back to India. All Indian money in Swiss Bank will come back to India. Inside India all corrupt people corruption money handover to Government. People who have not paid taxes since 1947 will be collected by Government. All scam money will be recovered from corrupted people. People who escaped bank money by bank waiver will be collected back from them. Indian rupee value increases so worldwide countries will buy Indian bonds. US dollar value decreases and the Indian rupee value increases so worldwide underworld people will have Indian currency in their hands. Drug dealers and smugglers will have rupee stacks in their hands. In India, Gold will have duty-free so all Indian all over the world will bring unlimited gold to India. Worldwide countries will ban imports from China so there will be a goods shortage in the world. So companies all over the world start companies in India and start manufacturing in India. So there will be a huge money flow into India to start companies in India. In the future rupee value increases still Indian Government won’t devalue the currency but the Indian Government starts old currencies like Dhamidi, Kaani, Half Anna, Anna, Beda, Pavalla, Half Rupee, and Rupee so in the future Indian currency Rs 2000, Rs 500 and Rs 200 will get ban and after few years Rs 100 get a ban. Rs 10 will be the highest valid currency in India.

    In End Of World, there will be a final war all over the world which will start by Kalki Avatar, This war will be the final World War. Muslims call this war “Alami Jung” which happens in Qayamat mentioned in Holy Quran. Hindus calls war Maha Pralayam in End of Kaliyuga mentioned in Hindus Holy books. Christians call this war Armageddon War in the Judgment Days mention in Holy Bible. World war event is common for all religions but has different names. This website mentions Sensitive information that provokes World War in this world.

    Which is Lord Venkateshwara Avatar in 10 Avatar of Vishnu. No one in the world doesn’t know that Lord Venkateshwara is final Avatar of Vishnu that is Kalki Avatar which is Vishnu 10th and final Avatar. Here I explain how is possible. Lord Venkateshwara wife name is Padma Devi and Kalki wife name is Padma Devi. But Padma Devi has only one life(Janma) from Satyayuga to Kaliyuga. Padma is Maha Devi who has many avatars in her. You may have question that Padma came in Lord Rama Avatar as Vedavathi, what about her life(Janma). The answer is Vedavathi came from fire, which is virtual image and physically didn’t appear to Lord Rama. Lord Rama told Vedavithi that I will marry you in Venkateshwara Avatar. Only Maha Vishnu Avatar can marry Maha Devi Avatar who is Padma Devi. Lord Venkateshwara has another name that is Lord Balaji. Lord Venkateshwara also called Srinivas which has Sri word in it that means Lord Venkateshwara is Vishnu Virat Roop that means Lord Venkateshwara is Vishnu Maha Avatar that means Kalki Vishnu Maha Avatar.

Kalki Avatar means Lord Venkateshwara and Lord Venkateshwara means Kalki Avatar
The incarnation of Lord Venkateshwara means the Final Avatar of Vishnu who is Kalki's Avatar

This is My (Kalki Avatar) Hand Signs (Kundali).
Name: "Venkata Dharma Veda Prakash" Alias "Kalki Avatar"
Date Of Birth: 22 June 1973 8:40 AM Birth Place :Hyderabad
Birth Star: Shatabhisha Nakshatra Fourth Pada
I started my work Since year 2003 when I was 30 years old and I am Immortal.

Right Hand Signs: 
    "Lord Vishnu Lotus
    "Lord Vishnu Shankam
    "Lord Vishnu Sree Chakra
    "Lord Shiva Moon

.Left Hand Signs: 

    "Lord Vishnu Peacock Feather

Where is Sudarshana Chakra and Shankam: Sudarshana Chakra also called Vishnu Chakra. In Kaliyuga Sudarshana Chakra represented as Swastik. Swastik is symbol of Sudarshana Chakra. When Swastik rotates speed then it becomes Sudarshana Chakra. So Swastik is symbol of Sudarshana Chakra. Om is not symbol but it is sound. Om is sound that comes from Shankam. So, Swastik and Om represents Sudarshana Chakra and Shankam. I do have Shankam in palm hand and Swastik in website. That is completeness of Sudarshana Chakra and Shankam.ra and Shankam.

Kalki Avatar Marriage
also called
Srinivasa Kalyanam
Kalki Purna says that Kalki has two wifes Padma and Lakashmi, How to recognize them?
How "Lady Marina Windsor" became Padmavathi: Many Christians in the world know relation between Jesus and Mary Magdalene but they don’t like to talk about the relation between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The truth is Mary Magdalene is wife of Jesus. The way Jesus took birth in previous world Mary Magdalene also took birth in last world. In this world Jesus took the birth same way Mary Magdalene also took birth in this world. In above picture you can see Mona Lisa picture, that picture drawn by “Leonardo da Vinci” 400 years back. After 400 years Mary Magdalene took birth in British Royal family, her name is "Lady Marina Windsor". You tally Mona Lisa picture with "Lady Marina Windsor" picture. "Lady Marina Windsor" is one shade of Padme. "Lady Marina Windsor" will be wife of Kalki. Kalki purna says “Kalki marry Padma from Lanka”, here Lanka is England Island. Here Padma has many shades. Lanka’s Padma is one shade of many shades of Padma. Different shades of Padma come from different places in the world. Leonardo da Vinci drew picture 400 years back, someone gave name Mona Lisa but her real name is Mary Magdalene, Mary Magdalene is wife of Jesus. Leonardo da Vinci drew picture Mona Lisa picture 400 years before she took birth, Mary Magdalene shade took rebirth in year 1992, she is relative of lanka that is England i.e British royal family, and her name is "Lady Marina Windsor" search in Google. The question is what “Mary Magdalene” has to do with British Royal Family? There is something call “Holy Grail” Christians doing research for last 2000 years and still doing. 2000 years back “Mary Magdalene” was wife of Jesus and she had daughter through Jesus. After Jesus left from the earth “Mary Magdalene” took her daughter along “Holy Grail” and went to Europe. British Royal Dynasty started through “Mary Magdalene’s” daughter dynasty. Now “Holy Grail” is in England. You can see “Holy Grail” art picture in Nostradamus art pictures.

    Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy mention in Kalagnanam that Lakashmi takes birth in Veshya cast. Lakashmi from India, Once she and her family came from Bombay to Hyderabad. Her family is Veshya cast but they follow the holy tradition system and read holy books and pure. Lakashmi living name is Leena Devi. She has one younger sister name Meena Devi and she has younger brother name Amar. I was moving with Leena Devi and one day she got angry on one issue and left me. I have been searching for many years but couldn't find her. I don't have her picture to publish here but I do have only one picture of her brother to trace Lakashmi (Leena Devi). I hope you all trace her.

పోతులూరి వీరబ్రహ్మేంద్ర స్వామి చెప్పినట్లుగా త్వరలో యాగంటి నంది రాకేలు వేయబోతుంది.

היטלר הוא מלךהיהודים הנביא
Hitler is Prophet King of Jews
Hitler ist Prophet, König der Juden

    Why Hitler used swastik? Why Hitler killed 6 million Jews in Europe in his era? why Hitler went for world war 2? Why Hitler behaved like mad man? Where Hitler went after World War 2? There are many mystery questions on Hitler, I answered all questions on Hitler in Chapter 4 in this website please scroll down and read chapter 4 or click below picture to go to chapter 4. Hitler played the role of “Prophet King Of Jews”. Hitler scared Jews in Europe to push Jews from Europe to Jerusalem (Israel) to make Israel their homeland to Jews. Before Hitler took power Jews never had homeland Jerusalem (Israel) after Hitler left Jews got homeland Jerusalem (Israel). Giving Jerusalem (Israel) homeland to Jews is role of “Prophet King Of Jews”. Please read Chapter 4 till be patient.
Aryans are superior Race, yes this is true here Aryan word is from Sanskrit Language. Aryans mean Noble person. Whatever Aryans do is justified because Aryans mean Noble person. Whatever Noble person do justified because Noble person means nice people, So Aryans are superior Race. Hitler in his lifetime he did made his arrangements and Jews got their homeland Jerusalem (Israel). my (Kalki Avatar) arrangements will make Jews to construct 3rd Jewish Temple. I hope Hitler dead body solves Jews 3rd Jewish Temple.

Kalki Avatar is reincarnation of Hitler.
Hitler Soul and Kalki Avatar Soul are the same.

Final Great World War
Dooms day :: The last day of the world's existence.
    In “End Of World” there will be final war all over the world which will be start by Kalki Avatar, This war will be final World War. Muslims call this war “Alami Jung” which happens in Qayamat mentioned in Holy Quran. Hindu call this war Maha Pralayam in End of Kaliyuga mention in Hindus Holy books. Christians will call this war Armageddon War on Judgment Days mention in Holy Bible. World war event is common for all religions but has different names. Sensitive information on this website provokes World War in this world.

    Bible says something about "Seven Seals of Revelation" which is going to open seals one by one in Judgement days (in end of Kaliyuga) by Jesus (Kalki Avatar). Today I announce that I already started open seals one by one recently. World going to see Judgement days events. Corona virus in world is effect of four horse man which is part of "Seven Seals of Revelation" in Bible. Soon worldwide people going to see wars all over the world and wonders in sky. For more details search "Seven Seals of Revelation in Bible”.
Above picture is more description of "Seven Seals of Revelation" as mention in Bible, above picture is not in order but each seal opening order are mention in numbers. Some Christians says "Seven Seals of Revelation" opens by Satan but if you observe above picture that is 7th picture is Rapture taking place that means good people air lifted to heaven, if Satan opens "Seven Seals of Revelation" then how Rapture takes place that means "Seven Seals of Revelation" opens by Jesus (Kalki Avatar) that means Lord Venkateshwara. There are two types of Raptures are there in Judgement days. First Rapture comes in initial days of Judgement days and other Rapture comes at end of Judgement days. Initial Qayamat Rapture meant for evil people who violate holy books they will air lifted for one day to hell as you know one day of earth human life is equals to millions of years in Hell place. How do you think nice people Rapture to heaven when Qayamat running as you know people will have to go through entire Qayamat and at end Nice people Rapture to see God Of Heaven. (Bible says :: “We who are alive .. Will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in Air..(1 Thess 4:17), then people go to new land where God rule the new land. So who and how many people want Rapture? When a human going through 100 years is difficult and feel long time how evil people bare millions of years in Hell and evil people won’t die in Hell. After hell treatment all evil people come back to earth same day. So life cycle of family on earth won’t be effected it is just like one day evil people tour to Hell. So good luck to evil people journey to Hell so have great trip in Raptures in Judgement Days. So who want Raptures? Below picture is Four Hoarse men as mention in “Seven Seals of Revelation" in Bible. More description of Four Hoarse man described below.
    Corona Virus which you see in the world is affect of “4 horsemen” read “4 horsemen” in mentioned Bible Book, so search in internet “4 horsemen” for more details, From above picture First horse is diseases all over the world (Corona effect) second horse is hunger in world, Scarcity of food in entire world and third horse represent bloodshed and war all over world, forth horse represent Kalki Avatar (Jesus) rule world. Entire events in Judgement days (End of Kali Yuga) described small picture that is "Seven Seals of Revelation".

Potuluri Veera Brahmam prediction on Koranki (CoronaVirus) disease.

4 Horsemen seals exists in Seven Seals of Revelation in Bible. In 4 Horsemen Pale horse seal causes diseases on the earth. I open Pale horse seal in Seven Seals of Revelation in mid of year 2019. Two months later Corona Virus started in China and spread all over the world and many people dies and caused problems to many people. In Jan 2023 I kept back Pale horse seal in Seven Seals of Revelation then later corona virus got controlled all over the world. On 1 Aug 2023 again I opened Pale horse seal in Seven Seals of Revelation then two months later many virus started in earth. This time more people die in world more than what corona virus did. This virus spread continue until I keep back Pale horse seal in Seven Seals of Revelation. I open war horseman seal in Seven Seals of Revelation later so Ukraine and Russia started, this will continue until I keep back war horseman seal back in Seven Seals of Revelation.

الله له 100 اسم ، والله الخفي هو آل عمران
اللہ کے 100 نام ہیں ، اللہ کا پوشیدہ نام آل عمران ہے۔
Allah has 100 names, Allah's hidden name is Al Imran

    Holy Koran says in Qayamat Moon splits, some Muslims says it was happen long ago Prophet Mohammad time done by Prophet but Koran mention that it happens in Qayamat time I mean in Judgement Days. Below picture is real definition of Moon Split in Qayamat and explanation will be written in future in this website till than be patient.

[Key: Moon Split + 786 Symbols = Four Dimension Object]

Yawm al-Qiyamah : The Day of Judgement is to be God's final assessment of humanity. The sequence of events is the annihilation of all creatures, resurrection of the body, and the judgement of all sentient creatures. It is a time where everyone would be shown his or her deeds and actions with justice. Prophet Muhammad is last "Prophet" of this world but he is not Last "Messenger Of God". Try to know difference between “Prophet” and “Messenger Of God”. Prophet does same work as Messenger Of God but he has extra work i.e. delivery of Holy Book but Messenger Of God can’t delivery of Holy Book. Prophet Muhammad is not Kalki Avatar, if he was Kalki Avatar then World would have ended 1500 years back but world didn’t end but continued for last 1500 years. Kalki Avatar work connected to "End Of The World" and Jesus appear at "End Of The World" that means Kalki Avatar connected Jesus that means both are same person Kalki is Jesus and Jesus is Kalki.

:: قيامات كا زلزلة :: Earth Tremble Of Last Days :: భూ ప్రళయం :: पृथ्वी प्रलयम ::
:: ਕਿਆਮਤ ਸੰਸਾਰ ਦਾਅੰਤ :: 世界の終わりの終わりの日の地球の震え ::
:: Erdzittern der letzten Tage am Ende der Welt ::

    "Qayamat Ka Zalzala" will be happens in final days that is in Judgment days started by Dajjal. Reason behind "Qayamat Ka Zalzala" is souls wish starting from Adam to End of world. Many souls are crying for Justice to be done. God had been holding crying souls in hand till Judgment days, and this is the time God releasing all crying souls from his hands for Judgement and crying Souls act aggressively that causes incidents in "Qayamat Ka Zalzala". Some actions in "Qayamat Ka Zalzala" caused by God in heaven, some actions in "Qayamat Ka Zalzala" caused by God in heaven and Kalki diehard fans and some actions in "Qayamat Ka Zalzala" caused by only Kalki's diehard fans. As I mention before that all souls will merges with God soul which is Sri Soul.

In Judgment Days (Qayamat Days) : There will be much more natural disasters all over the world. People all over the world scared by natural disasters and run left and right. If floods and heat wave caused by global warming then how earthquake, Volcano comes along with floods. In next 6 months there will be huge natural disasters all over the world. There will be food scarcity all over the world. There will huge people die in all over the world.

Human Abnormal Behavior : In next 6 months there will be tremendous Human Abnormal Behavior changes in all over the world. Man become female and female become man because hormones changes. Newly born Kids start talking, Blind people start see and other nonfunctional organs start function. Tran ganders becomes normal persons. Humans talk like animals and animals talk like humans. Some humans will have animal’s qualities. Many people all over the world die suddenly without any reason, it will be sudden death.

Wonders in Sky : In next 6 months there will be tremendous changes and wonders in sky in all over the world. In some places in the world people see strange shapes of light, strange sounds in sky. In space you will see strange signals and wonders in space.

Unusual Weather : In next 6 months there will be tremendous weather changes in all over the world. In winter you feel like summer and in summer you feel like winter and rainy season. In Rainy season you see like winter and summer. This will be strange weather conditions in the world. Plants and trees gives fruits in different season.

Strange Sounds : In next 6 months there will be tremendous strange sounds in forest, on earth, in sky in all over the world. People run after seeing strange sounds. Animals run away from the forest after seeing strange sound many animals comes to villages and cities.

Animal Abnormal Behavior : In next 6 months there will be tremendous changes in animals behavior in all over the world. Some non-vegetarians animals start eating vegetarian food and some vegetarian animals start eating non vegetarian food. Some animals start giving other type animal voice. There will be strange sounds in forest so all animals run away from forest and come to villages and cities and start living in villages and cities. Humans scare to come out of house. In 6 months there will be tremendous changes in animal’s behavior in all over the world.

Trees Abnormal Behavior : In next 6 months there will be tremendous changes in trees and plants behavior in all over the world. Some trees becomes animal’s eaters. Some trees and plants instead of giving own fruits and flowers it gives other trees fruits and flowers. Some plants grows like trees and some plants grow like trees. Some trees leafs change green colors to other color. Some trees bleed strange liquid and some trees bleed blood. In 6 months there will be tremendous changes in trees and plants behavior in all over the world.

Judgments in "Qayamat Ka Zalzala"
Judgment between Soul and Person.
Judgment between Soul and Group.
Judgment between Soul and Religion.
Judgment between Soul and Country.
Judgment between Soul and World.

Kalki Avatar is shade of Hazrat Al Ali.
Hazrat Al Ali Soul and Kalki Avatar Soul are the copy.

Finishing Touch
Free Scheme For People by Dirty Political Parties for Votes
మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది.

    In entire world nothing is free for service there is price for everything service, you can have subsidiary for special service but not free. If you take free you have problem from god. If you already taken free service then I tell you to dig past what loss happen you your life – property loss , money loss, health loss, mental torture, loss of loved one, etc. All these are punishment from God. మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

    Those who took free money or free for service form government say free water, free current, free money, free transport, free formers schemes, free gifts, taking money for your vote, free education, free medication, rythu bandhu and other free scheme. If you already taken free then I tell you to dig past what loss happen you your life – property loss , money loss, health loss, mental torture, loss of loved one, etc. All these are punishment from God. మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

    Tell your government stop giving free and provide jobs. If you have job you can buy anything your own so you want no need free. Companies will comes to your states and countries when you have honest leaders. Honest leaders won’t talk lie they always work and think for your area, state and country. Companies come when your area has infrastructure, so tell your leaders stop free scheme and focus for infrastructure. మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

    For formers I would say don’t take free scheme or free money or free current if you want ask for subsidiary for your service. If people have hand full of work I mean all season work and people have jobs then they spending money on food and fruits increases then food and fruits demand increases then formers can sale food and fruits products at higher prizes. So when formers have handful of money then why you need free scheme and free current and subsidiary. So ask government to provide jobs to people not free service. మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

    For jobs companies has to come to your place. But company management are well educated and genius and they won’t get fooled easily the way people get fooled in the state by political leader. So don’t go after free scheme. When you elect leader you should see leader character, honest, won’t talk lie, won’t talk dirty words who work hard no criminal history. Don’t see cast feeling, religion feeling. Free money, free alcohol and free food. మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

మీ దరిద్రానికిమీరే కారణం దేవుడుకాదు.
నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది.
తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.
You are the cause of your poverty, not God.
If you protect Dharma, Dharma will protect you.
If you support a wrongdoer, you become a wrongdoer and will be punished by God.

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End of Great civilization with proof (world already Ended before)
Great civilization with proof
How Swastik reached in USA and South America from East or West?
    Read this section very carefully, if you don't understand this section you won't understand entire web page. Read two times or three times or four times this section only if you don't understand. This section is proof that tells you world already ended also called End of Great Civilization   

    See above picture collected from Archeological investigation department ( that shows swastik symbol exist all over the world. But they couldn't find how swastik symbol exist (came) to America (north and south) continents. No body knows following two questions 

How Red Indians came to USA and South America? 
How American red Indians got Swastik symbol?

    If we know answers for these two questions then we know world already ended before. Answers for these two questions written below. 

    Swastik is only symbol exist all over the world. See above picture swastik symbol exist North America, South America, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and Asia. Swastik is origin from India. Swastik exist in Africa because "Prophet Abraham" took from India to Africa. Swastik exist in Asia because "Bagawan Buddha" took from India to Asia. Swastik exist in Europe because "Hitler" read Hindu holy book and used in Germany. 

    But no body knows who took swastik to North America and South America. The fact is "Kalki Avatar" took swastik from India to North America and South America. Who is Kalki? Answer is Kalki is last Bagawan for the world. And this is proof that tells world (Kali Yuga) ended before.

Did people (Red Indians) in America came from East (Asia)?
    From the beginning of the world to till 1600 AD year’s people (Red Indians) didn't come from East (Asia). Before Buddha took birth swastik doesn't exist in Asia but Swastik exist in America before Buddha took birth. If you think swastik came to America after Buddha came then every body know that new land exist in the world and all people in America looks Asia faces not Red Indians. Those days People from India never used to go out of country because India used to be rich and India used to have everything. When people used to have everything what is the purpose to leave from country India?
Did People (Red Indians) in America came from West (Europe)?
    Every body knows that America found after 1600 AD and before no body knows about America. Before 1600 AD People in America didn't come from Europe. Before inventing America people from Europe used to think earth is flat and people will fall down if we cross other end. That means Red Indians didn't come from Europe.
Buddha and Jesus life Time line
    Before Buddha Bagawan came swastik doesn't exist in Asia (china, Japan). Swastik exist in Asia after Buddha exist OK. And Europe and America call swastika not swastik OK. They started calling swastika after Hitler came. OK Before European came to America Red Indians were staying in America and they have swastik symbol exist in America. America says Red Indians came from Asia. Buddha took swastik symbol from Hindu (India) 300 BC.  And passed to china, Japan (Asia). Assume Swastik reached Japan 100 BC. Assume Red Indians came to center of America 200 AD. Assume Red Indian Came to South America 500 AD. European white came to America after 1500 AD. Do you think Asians can't come to America in 1000 year? Asian uses word Swastik not Swastik_a. So this is proof of last world (Kali Yuga).  Europeans white came with swastika word and passed. Every red Indians call swastika not swastik. Got it.  
For more details see following links where you can find more details about Swastik.  

    Swastik traveled all over the world. Starting from Bharath (India) then Egypt by Abraham then Asia by Buddha then Germany by Hitler and then America by Kalki. Evidence of Existing of Swastik in America continent in all Yugas and discovering America 400 years back we can conclude that .. See below Information

Some religions died in the world, so all dead religions get life in end of world.

One of Many My Inventions in Science.

Who Developed Hitech City ChandraBabu Naidu or Veda Prakash?
In India and in Andhra Pradesh people thinking that Hitech city software industries developed by ChandraBabu Naidu. But there is hidden secrete exists behind development of Hitech City that is me, I implemented my plan in USA when was in USA. Hitech City started developed in Hyderabad after year 2005 when GW Bush came to Hyderabad, India. If ChandraBabu Naidu developed Hitech city then who developed other city’s software industries after year 2005 like Bangalore, Gurugram, Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and other cities after year 2005. USA outsourcing started after year 2005. Do ChandraBabu Naidu developed other cities like Bangalore, Gurugram, Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and other cities along with Hyderabad when other than Hyderabad not ruled by ChandraBabu Naidu. I will tell the truth and my role in USA for US outsourcing to other country that makes India rich. In year 2000 to 2003 USA was in critical financial condition due to Stock market collapse, World trade center attack, Afghanistan war, Iraq war and terrorists threats. USA was in orange alert and Alan Greenspan who was chairman of the Federal Reserve trying increase and decrease interest rate but USA stock market not recovering. Then I entered in field, I gave crucial information to Livermore Police that are 1) what caused Iraq war, 2) Who really destroyed World Trade Center, 3) Who is behind terrorists threat to USA and 4) How to recover USA stock exchange and employment. My information passed to Pentagon and White House and got alert. By based on my information USA agents kidnaped Dr. David Kelly in England and pulled all information and did assassination. USA came to know that England is behind all these activity and USA got alert. On 16/July/2003 two Secret Service agents came to my apartment in USA and asked what you want. If I take reward from them I cannot do all website work and sold myself to US. I didn’t take any reward from USA. Regarding solution to How to recover USA stock exchange and employment I mentioned USA Company is not making profit to increase stock market and security alert is orange so you need to change security alert and regarding USA companies outsourcing to cheap labor countries to make company profit to increase US stock market. From July/2003 to Nov/2004 GW Bush didn’t do outsourcing because second term elections. When GW Bush win election in Nov/2004 he visited Hyderabad May/2005 signed outsourcing. So this way many companies came to Hyderabad, not only Hyderabad many cities in India got developed by my plan. GW Bush came to Hyderabad without others invitation because to see me in Hyderabad, he visited my location where I live, [Three American Military Helicopters] three rounds arround me with low altitude in my area ayyappa society, Madhapur where I am living. I didn’t take reward from USA so they compensated and gave benefit to India.

America authoritys kept me in Jail for one and half month for knowing the secrets of America. They sent me to India because I did good to USA.

You can get my information and my audio recording from Livermore Police to get confirm of my activities in USA.
My SSN No. in USA: 614-17-8529
Livermore Police CA/USA
Ph No :001-925-371-4710,
Fax No: 001-925-371-4707

మీరూ తింటున్నా ప్రతి బియ్యపు గిజా మీద నా పేరు వ్రాసిఉంది, అది నేను వదిలేసినా బిక్ష,
త్వరలో సాఫ్ట్వేర్ పరిశ్రమ నాశనం అవుతుంది. అన్ని పరిశ్రమలు మరియు
సాఫ్ట్వేర్ పరిశ్రమను కనెక్ట్ చేసే కార్మికులు ఆదాయం కోల్పోతారు.
మీ దరిద్రానికి మీరే కారణం దేవుడు కాదు. నువ్వు ధర్మాన్ని కాపాడితే ధర్మం నిన్ను కాపాడుతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

What is India’s real Name and what name it should be?
What is India’s real Name, should be Bharat, Hindustan or India?

Go and read history of India and do research you will see below results. Which religion people will get Luck by based on Bharat, Hindustan or India country names? Bharat is lucky name for Hindus. Hindustan is lucky name for Muslims and Sikhs but not for Hindus. India is lucky name for Christians and bad lucky for Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

Bharat Name: When this country have name Bharat this country was richest country in the world and this country had great name in the world. When this country have name Bharat then Hindu religion people had royal and great life in this country. When this country have name Bharat then Muslims had ordinary life. When this country have name Bharat then Christians were few and countable numbers just ignore them. When this country have name Bharat then Sikhs also got royal and great life because Sikh religion is merge of Hindus and Islam religion set of rules.

Hindustan Name: When this country have name Hindustan Muslims had royal and great life in this country and Hindu had ordinary life. British people and Christians in this country had ordinary life. Hindu people “ki band bajaye” when this country has name Hindustan because Hindustan name is bad lucky for Hindus. Hindustan name is lucky for Muslims not for Hindus. Hindustan name good for Sikhs because Sikhs religion is merge of Hindu and Islam religions. So Sikhs also call this country Hindustan. Sikhs also lived royal and great life when this country has name Hindustan. Arab countries also used to call this country Hindustan so they got great business with this country and lived good life. But other Hindu countries had ordinary business with this country so other Hindu countries “ki band bajaye”. So Hindustan name is not suitable for Hindu religion people but good lucky for Muslims. Now Muslims don’t like to keep Hindustan name to this country they thinks name got Hindu domination country. So Hindus don’t give name Hindustan to this country if you do so Muslims will live royal and great life and Hindu “ki band bajaye” because Hindustan name is not lucky name for Hindus. Do you know Muslims kings in this country from year 1000 to 1700 they used to call this country Hindustan and they didn’t try give Islam name to this country?

India name: When this country have India then Hindu religion, Sikhs religion and Muslims religion people had ordinary life and Christians have royal and great life. Hindu and Muslims and Sikhs “ki band bajaye”. India name is lucky for Christians. See 400 years history christens had great life and Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs had bad life. Since 1947 which religion people in the world got more profit from India is that not Christians country through export to India and arms export to India and technical and non-technical cheap Indian labors to western countries as you know Christians also do business through china as you know china is pet of England and western countries and Christians do stock business and companies in China. In Indian christens get funds from western countries and reservation in India and vote bank politics benefits. Observe entire world you see that India name is lucky name for Christians in India and entire world. It was time when “Pardes Hindi movie” released and “I love my India” Song so much popular every people in this country liked that song but I didn’t like that song felt like that song is BoseDK song and that BoseDK song maximum time used “India” word in that song. So this country defiantly won’t have name India and Hindustan name, So Hindus and Sikhs will have royal and great life in this country and in the world with Bhrath name.

Do you know in Bharat sub-continent above 60 years old Muslims use name Hindustan? 40 years to 60 years old Muslims 60% use Hindustan name. Below 40 years old Muslims use 30% Hindustan name. How Hindustan name came to this country it was by Arab Muslims. Muslims from Arab countries used to do business with Bharat and started settling in Bharat they started Hindustan name because almost all Bharat country Hindus used to live. So Muslims from Arab country started name Hindustan. At present in India people treat India is secular country so Hindustan name is not secular so Hindustan name won’t be suitable for this country. Nepal Government declared Hindu nation so from now Nepal is Hindustan and this country is Bharat. So everyone be happy Bharat is secular country.

My work effect on this country since Sept/2003: I started using Bharat name for this country since I started my work June/2003 and started abusing India name in my work. Didn’t you observe Bharat progress since Sept/2003. As I remember I didn’t use name Hindustan for this country in my work so Muslims didn’t get royal and great life since Sept/2003 and they just got ordinary life compared to previous life compared to India name. Regarding Pakistan “the Pure Nation” how much lucky Pakistan people got name by Pakistan. Actually Pakistan people didn’t achieve anything but lost lot because Pakistan name is not lucky name for people of Pakistan people. When Pakistan people don’t know about this then country run ordinary way but now they know by me from now you will see real effect of Pakistan name. You will realize that Pakistan name is lucky name or not. If proved unlucky then don’t ask me which name will be lucky it is their wish what to keep your country name. If Nepal don’t like to keep name Hindustan for their country then Pakistan and Bangladesh have option to have golden name Hindustan. Do any one country “Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nepal” want to keep name Hindustan for your country then good for you. I don’t want this country to be call India and Hindustan forever. Regarding Africa name dirty England people gave name Africa and christens got benefit from this name from Africa. As long as Africa continent have name Africa People of Africa won’t be rich as they were before. So change Africa name to ancient name Alkebulan and see effect. So entire world people change name to ancient name and kill Christianity strength as you know Christianity is illegal religion and symbol also illegal symbol. And be happy after rename your places. You may say what is there sentiments in name do god is sentimental fool. No god is not sentimental fool but god wife is sentimental Devi’s. World has different name not given by God but given by god wives. God wives will be happy when people rename to ancient names as you know god will be happy when his wives will be happy. When god happy then people happy. When people happy god wives will be happy as you know all people in the world kids of gods SriDevi.

Yaganti Nandi, Yaganti Temple.

పోతులూరి వీరబ్రహ్మేంద్ర స్వామి చెప్పినట్లుగా త్వరలో యాగంటి నంది రాకేలు వేయబోతుంది. తప్పు చేసినవాళని సమర్దిస్తే మీరు తప్పు చేసినవాలు అవుతారు, దానికి దేవుడు నుచి శిక్ష తపదు.

Armageddon war in Judgment Days :: Astala Vistala Baby ...

انا دجال. في قيامات الدجال يبقى في كل بيت في العالم بأسره. لذلك يبقى الدجال في بيتي. لكن أنا دجال جيد مثل اللورد كريشنا. كلمة دجال هي كلمة عربية تعني الغش. كل شيء مايا.

I am Dajjal. In Qayamat Dajjal stays in every house in entire world. So Dajjal also stays in my house . But I am good Dajjal like Lord Krishna. Word Dajjal is Arabic word that means cheating. Every thing maya.

रक्षाः न राक्षसाः देवाः च न देवा इति कलियुगस्य परिभाषा.
కలియుగ నిర్వచన రక్షలు రక్షలు కాదు మరియు దేవతలు దేవతలు కాదు.

Dajjal Drums Beats.

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ॐ नमः परमथ्मा :: الله :: Holy Spirit

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7 Immortals role in Kalki Avatar life
అశ్వత్థామ కల్కి అవతార్‌కు ప్రత్యక్షంగా సహాయం చేయడు మరియు అశ్వత్థామ కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు కానీ అశ్వత్థామ కలియుగాన్ని అంతం చేయడానికి కల్కి అవతార్‌కు పరోక్షంగా సహాయం చేస్తాడు. ప్రపంచానికి తప్పుడు సమాచారం ఇస్తున్న Kalki 2898AD Movie. దయచేసి దిగువ సమాచారాన్ని చదవండి. అశ్వత్థామ, మహాబలి, వేద వ్యాసుడు, హనుమంతుడు, విభీషణుడు, కృపాచార్యుడు, పరశురాముడు అనే ఏడుగురు అమరులు ప్రపంచంలో ఉన్నారు. కలియుగంలో వారి విధులు క్రింద పేర్కొనబడ్డాయి.

Ashwatthama: అశ్వత్థామ లంకా ప్రజలకు ఆలోచనలు ఇవ్వడం ద్వారా ప్రపంచంలో సమస్యలను సృష్టించడానికి లంకా ప్రజలను ప్రపంచంలోకి నెట్టడానికి కల్కి అవతార్ శత్రువు (లంక, ఇంగ్లాండ్)కి సహాయం చేస్తాడు. కలియుగాన్ని అంతం చేయడానికి అశ్వత్థామ కల్కి అవతార్‌కు పరోక్షంగా సహాయం చేస్తాడు. కలియుగంలో పోరాడేందుకు అశ్వత్థామ ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Mahabali: విష్ణువు యొక్క వామన అవతారం మహాబలిని పాతాళలోకానికి పంపింది, అప్పటి నుండి మహాబలి పాతాళలోకంలో నివసించాడు. కాబట్టి మహాబలి పాతాళలోక చరిత్రను, పాతాళలోక వ్యవస్థ ఎలా పనిచేస్తుందో మరియు పాతాళలోకానికి కల్కి అవతారానికి దిశానిర్దేశం చేస్తాడు. కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో పోరాడటానికి మహాబలి ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Ved Vyasa: వేదవ్యాసుడు అన్ని వేదాలు, పురాణాలు మరియు దాచిన లిపిని కల్కి అవతార్‌కి అప్పగించాడు. కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో పోరాడటానికి వేద వ్యాసుడు ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Hanumana: హనుమంతుడు సత్య యుగం నుండి త్రేతా యుగం వరకు జీవిస్తాడు మరియు సత్యయుగం నుండి త్రేతా యుగం వరకు ప్రపంచ వ్యాప్తంగా ఉన్న సాధువులు, ప్రవక్తలు, ప్రపంచ చరిత్ర రచయిత. అప్పుడు హనుమంతుడు స్వర్గానికి వెళ్తాడు. హనుమంతుడు త్రేతాయుగం నుండి కలియుగం వరకు ధ్యానం చేస్తాడు. హనుమ విభీషణుడికి సమాచారం అందజేస్తాడు. కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో పోరాడటానికి హనుమంతుడు ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Vibhishana: విభీషణుడు త్రేతాయుగం నుండి కలియుగం వరకు ప్రపంచమంతటా సాధువులు, ప్రవక్తలు, పూర్వ ప్రపంచ చరిత్రల చరిత్ర రచయిత. స్క్రిప్ట్‌ని కల్కి అవతార్‌కి అప్పగించండి. కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో పోరాడేందుకు విభీషణుడు ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Kripacharya: కృపాచార్య కల్కి అవతార్ ఆయుధాల కళకు సహాయం చేస్తాడు, దీని ద్వారా కల్కి అవతార్ కొత్త సాంకేతిక ఆయుధాలను అభివృద్ధి చేస్తాడు. కృపాచార్యుడు కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో పోరాడటానికి ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Parshurama: హిట్లర్ ద్వారా కల్కి అవతార్‌కి సమాచారం మరియు గొప్ప సైన్యాన్ని అందించడం ద్వారా పరశురాముడు కల్కి అవతార్‌కు సహాయం చేస్తాడు. కలియుగ యుద్ధంలో పోరాడటానికి పరశురాముడు ఆయుధాన్ని పట్టుకోడు.

Along 7 immortals there is one more immortal in the world that is Kalki Avatar . So total 8 immortals in the world.

Interviews on Kalki Avatar


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I am Kalki Avatar
Veera Bhoga Vasanta Rayalu
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Judgement Days (Qayamat)

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Al-Ali (36)

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Chapter Index
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00 Invitation from Swastik Organization to all  
This page is based on Holy Koran Sura 1,75,79, :: Al-Fatihah, Al –Qayamat, an-Nazi-at. In this page worldwide Muslims know what really happening in Middle East for last 5 years, Simple methods to win war in Middle East. This page triggers world war 3 in western world
01 What is Kalki (Lord Venkateshwara) Avatar.  
What Vedic Sastra and Kalki purna says about Kalki (Venkateshwara)? 
What Koran, Bible Holy Book says about Kalki, Jesus Second Comes, Isa Asalam? Who is Nostradamus's Anti Christ, King Of Jews? What Veerabrahmam says about Kalki?
02 Kalki Picture, his hand & Signs Prints.  
Kalki hand signs Lotus, Shankam, Moon, Star, Peacock Feather, Swastik, Sun, Foots of Vishnu and Weapon.  Kalki picture
03 How to trap False Kalki?  
I have written some statements to trap false Kalki who is staying in Chitturu/ AP/ India. He is fooling people, looting money, gold, land and killing people's time. So his end of day's are near.. Read His section, ask questions, trap him and tell him    "GOTO HELL"  
04 Germany Hitler’s Secret Operation.  
Why Hitler made Swastik symbol as his party symbol? Why Hitler killed 6 million Jews? Why Hitler went World War 2? Hitler didn't die in bunker, Why Hitler did such drama? Why Hitler told that "One day Nazi Victorious"?Who invented Atomic bomb?
05 Future Predictions for India by based on Holy Books!   
How India becomes superpower? How India becomes world richest country? What is the fate of all politicians and corrupted people? What way India going to play major role in world leadership? How to fix poor people problems in India? Who is going rule in India?
06 Future Predictions how Kalki Control Bharath!   
How Kalki control Bharath? How Corona Virus started? Who are Kalki Avatar wives Padma and Lakashmi? Hoe Bharath Kand become united one kand? How Kalki bring Bharath wealth from stolen dirty countries? Who is going rule in India? How Kalki Avatar control terrarists in Bharath?
07 Nostradamus predicted "End Of The World (Kali Yuga)"? 
What is the meaning of "End OF The World (Kali Yuga)"? Do End of Great civilization with proof (world already Ended before) exists? Holy Bible mentioned Anti Christ sine "666".. Don't you want to know what is that? How Swastik Symbol reached in America Continent?
08 What is Swastik?, Birth of Swastik and End of Swastik. 
Why Swastik has four wings? Where is the origine of Swastik? Where is the End of Swastik? What Swastik does? Does Koran Holy book described about Swastik? Proof that shows Kali Yuga (World) Already ended before. Why Hitler used Swastik Symbol?
09 Bible:: Jesus Second come, Koran:: Isa asalam Second come. 
What is Jesus religion? Why Jesus didn’t have father? Did Jesus was black or white? Did Mary virgin before Jesus took the Birth? From where Jesus comes second time? What will be Jesus second come religion? What would happen when Jesus comes second time?
10 Holy Books Quran, Bible and Telmud interpretation. 
Koran, Bible, Telmud judgement days information!, Hazrat Isa Asalam (Jesus Second Come). Who is Mehadhi Asslam? Who is Dajjal, what he does?  Who is Yajuj Majuj and what is his Iron Gate Barrier (Koran says). How badly Yajuj Majuj need petrol from Iraq.
11 Kala Chakra, Dharma Chakra, Karma Chakra.  
What is Kala Chakra (Time Wheel)? What way it applicable to Soul? What is Dharma Chakra (Justice  Wheel)? What way it applicable to Soul? What is Karma Chakra (Judgement Wheel)? What way it applicable to Soul?
12 God Judgment days from Year 2000 AD. 
How GOD follows rules to decide Judgement (Punishment)? How Kashmir Earthquake, Indonesia Tsunami and USA Hurricane Katrina happened? How GOD destroyed USA from year 2000 to year 2003? Where Jesus and Mary (Maria) dead Body Buried? 
13 Answers for Nostradamus predictions in Dooms Days  
Who is Anti Christ 3? What is World War 3? What is End of the World? What is Man made mountain? Who is sudden Death of President? Who Sudden Death of UN top Official? What is sudden appearing of smoke? Where sudden stoke market collapse? 
14 Decode information of Leonardo Da Vinci Code.  
Who is Leonardo Da Vinci? What is hidden information of Da Vinci "Vitruvian Man" Code? What is hidden information of Da Vinci "Mona Lisa" Code? What is hidden information of Da Vinci "Last Supper" Code? Do you know “Last Supper” code has most dangerous decode? 
15 My Mystery Scientific Research & Solution Papers.  End of Great Civilization with proof (World already destroyed before). How Solar System Planets got created? How star took the birth who started fire on Sun (Star)? How Black Hole got created? What is the shape of Universe?. How life came to earth? DoUFO exists? Do God Exists?
16 Water (Hydrogen) Energy Mystery. 
2H2O + CATALYST+ Little Energy --> 2H2 + O2 + CATALYST
2H2 + O2 --> Mass Energy + 2H2O
CATALYST is a chemical compound that acts faster to split hydrogen and oxygen in water.CATALYST mention in Rig Veda. 
17 What is Kama Sutra workout book?  
This chapter is not for Kids. What Holy Books says about Kama Activity. This chapter has interesting sections that make couples happy. Those sections are “Ancient Medicine for Kama Activity”, Physiology tips for Kama Activity, and what is reality. This is for couples in the world.
18 Answer for World AIDS Virus disease problem.  
Do Vedic Sastra have cure for AIDS Virus Disease? Yes, In Judgement days God will solution for AIDS problem. Do Rocks has life what way we can prove it? Yes, Rock has life in the form of dry Virus. What is Specialty of Virus in Eggs? Can we collect Jesus DNA from 2005 years old cloth?
19 Who really did World Tread Center attack?  
Bin Laden didn't do World Trade Center Attack. I gave enough evidence to USA on 16/July/2003. Yajuj Majuj did World Trade Center Attack.  Do you know who are Yajuj Majuj?
20 David Kelly got Killed by USA, Israel jews involved in Iraq war 
Israel jews involved in Iraq war plan. David Kelly Death Information. I indirectly  involved  in David Kelly death. Janice is wife of Mr. David Kelly is staying in England  can easily recognize Mr. David Kelly face. Message for British HomeOffice, MI5 (SIS) and MI6 organizations in England.
21 What complaint I gave it to Livermore Police/CA/USA 
Complaint on 16/July/2003 at 8.30 am I gave complaint to Livermore Police/ CA/ USA regarding Iraq war and World Trade Center Attack. Livermore Police forwarded complaint papers to FBI. Four pages of complaint word document included in this Page
22 Palestinian Muslims problem solution 
Do Vedic Sastra Holy Book has answer for Palestinian, Israel problem? Biblical times: History of Jerusalem (Palestine)? What are Changes in Israeli-Palestinian area map? Do you know what really happened from Abraham (Ibraheem) time to 1250BC in Israel and Palestinians places? 
23 How to Solve Sunni and Shia Muslims Problem? 
How to Solve Sunni and Shia Muslims Problem and make them united? What is Allah’s 100th name? Can Yajuj Majuj bomb on Iran? Who is the Dajjal who creates problem left and right? (not me!). Why Dajjal character didn’t mention in Muslims ultimate Holy Book Koran?  
24 How Galaxy got created? 
How Galaxy got created? How many types of Galaxies exist? Creation of Galaxy is natural or artificial? Do Big Bang theory is valid or not? How Black hole plays role to create Galaxy? Can we make our own Galaxy?  
25 How Kalki Activities Works in Kalki's Hell Place? 
I strongly recommend normal people not to see this WebPage because I made this WebPage for only Evil people to set right their brain and activities. I kept few terrific pictures that show how Kalki’s hell looks like. In future I do keep many picture which will be all combination of punishments.  
26 How to give 100% powers to Dajjal Prophet  
In this WebPage I gave set of instruction that gives powers to Dajjal Prophet. When Dajjal Prophet have control over entire Arab Country Oil supply then Dajjal Prophet powers will reach 100%.
27 Holy Koran Surah from 1 to 114  
In this Chapter you would see all Holy Koran Surahs from 1 to 114 in English and also I kept Public Space where people write something about definition of each Holy Koran Surah. I also want to write something for each Surah so I kept "My Answer" section.
28 Isa Asalam Message Board for Dajjal Prophet Asalam
This chapter is "Message Board for Dajjal Prophet". I do keep messages for Dajjal Prophet by based on Dajjal Prophet activities. I do keep on updating this chapter by putting messages for Dajjal Prophet till Dajjal Prophet looses all powers. All messages meant for Dajjal Prophet
29 Extra Powers and Techniques for Jihad Worriers.
In this chapter I added extra technique for better Jihad to reach 200,000 score. This operation is called "Extra Powers Dhamayanthi Part 1". I already gave operation "Dhamayanthi" before. Both operations has different techniques. In this chapter you will find very easy techniques for better Jihad.
30 Extreme Middle East and Iraq Muslims abuse pictures.
In Chapter I kept nearly 80 Iraq Prisoners abuse pictures. These abuse pictures are original collected from Internet. I don’t have Iraq Prisoners gay abuse pictures because you won’t find in Internet. I wrote message for worldwide Muslims that say's what is my opinion on these pictures.
31 Prime Questions for world People to fix Worldwide Problems.
In this Chapter I mentioned Questions for United Nations, USA President GW Bush, Russia President Mr. Putin, Worldwide Muslims, Islam Priest and Christianity religion people. And message regarding Dhamayanthi and message for worldwide people Mr. Gadan.
32 How to fix World Wide Political Problem? -World War 3: East  
In this holy page you will know how Dajjal create World War 3 in East. I wrote how to fix worldwide problems by using simple methods. This World war is good entertainment for world. This war protocol designed by Kalki Avatar and this is the war between Evil and Good people.
33 My Journey with Indian Mujahedeen
How Indian Mujahedeen formed? History of Indian Mujahedeen from year 2003 to year 2012. Lubini Park and Gokul chat to support me.UK Glasgow International Airport attack on Tony Blair exit from Prime Minister chair.
34 Solutions for world problems part 4
Furture of world stock market. Fate of GW Bush, Solutions to human disease problems. Solutions to human bipolar (mad) problem, Solutions to Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir problem and answer for Chakra Yuha
35 Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swami Predictions
This chapter contains video and script of Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swami Predictions. There are 116 predictions and two parts of videos. This chapter updates frequently. All predictions are verified by me.
36 All Religions, Holy Symbols and Holy Books  
How many religions exists in world?, What is Noha rainbow means?, What are all holy symbols exists related to religions? What are different religions books exists in the world? This page keep on updates
37 What is 666 sign and How to calculate 666? 
This is funny page of sign 666. What is sign 666?, What Bible says about 666 sign?, How to calculate 666 sign?, What Aryabatta zero applicable to 666 sign? more information about 666 sign
38 Page is designed for DRDO, RAW and Military of Bharath. 
Here you will find many methods for DRDO, RAW and Military to improve strength to Bharath. These methods cause military equipment invisible to latest technology and invisible information flow. And solder will have strength to fight.
39 Page contains details how Kalki connected to all Religions. 
Kalki connected Sikh, Muslims, Christians and all religions. How Kalki takes actions all over world. How India becomes super power and richest country. How Kalki controlls world. How Kalki controls terrorists all over world and more.
40Future upcoming next interesting chapter's in 
What are Secrets of Universe? What are Secrets Vedas? What are Secrets Theory of Relativity? What are Secrets mass of Earth Planet? What are Secrets birth and death of living life? What are Secrets of Soul? What are Secrets Mind Travel techniques? Secrets of  MahaBharath War?
41Information about this website "" 
What are set of Instructions before you start reading this WebSite? No. Of Hits for Pages in Swastik organization WebSite. What are resources used to construct this WebSite? Invitation to Computer Hackers to hack this Site. What is meaning, description and importance of Gayatri Mantra?
42Swastik Organization Contact Page 
In this page you will find postal address of me, Phone number to contact, Email address of me and Facebook public comment space. I would read all email sent from here.
Dear Visitors,

This website registering, knowledge composing, writing, drawing, intelligence and Testing done  by one man that is Kalki. And it is non-profitable Organization. Content of this WebPages are true information based on Holy books. This is for people in the world to solve their problems in their life. I didn't write any illegal statments.  Don’t misuse this website.

Kalki Avatar(
Lord Venkateshwara)

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